Cell phone monitoring via spy app

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Spy apps are being used more and more often. Reliable information on the subject of surveillance software, on the other hand, is hard to find. Therefore, here are the most important facts about spying via app.

If you are thinking about using spy software, there are a few points to keep in mind. The most important one is that it is illegal to spy on the cell phone owner via a smartphone app without his or her consent. Therefore, legal use is usually only conceivable in the area of child protection.

A spy app is installed on the cell phone and aims to completely monitor all activities. The apps spy on all content as well as activities and chats such as WhatsApp or Skype. In addition, the location can be determined at any time. The collected data is bundled and transmitted to the monitorer, who thus has complete access to the personal content on the smartphone.

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The range of functions of the individual apps varies, but some details are always similar. For example, those who use the mSpy spy software get the following functions:

  • Viewing calendar activities
  • Saving the call logs
  • Monitoring of web page history
  • GPS cell phone tracking
  • Reading emails
  • Reading text messages
  • Gallery access
  • Reading chats like WhatsApp, Facebook and Skype

Other functions are then added to the pure monitoring of WhatsApp and emails. For example, the monitor can block websites, apps and incoming calls. It is also possible to block certain content and settings. Many apps offer even more functions, so that no activity is secret anymore in the end.

In principle, most spy apps are built identically and work the same way. So it doesn’t matter whether it’s mSpy or another app like Mobile Spy, for example. The software must be installed on the cell phone that is to be spied on. The cell phone data is then transmitted to a server via the Internet.

The user now has the option to access the data via a special web interface. All of the cell phone’s information is stored there: for example, the contents of text messages or WhatsApp chat histories. Depending on the app, there is also the option of actively accessing the phone and blocking certain content. Or the collected data can be printed out in compact form.

Currently, most providers offer apps that are developed for the common systems. You get spy apps consequently for the iPhone and also Android smartphones. Many of the apps, such as mSpy, are compatible for both operating systems. However, there are two points that are crucial regarding compatibility:


If it is an iPhone, it is usually necessary that a jailbreak has been performed before installing the software. This means that predefined usage restrictions have to be removed in advance. By the way, this also applies to an iPad.

Android smartphone

Full access to the operating system is not necessary for an Android smartphone. However, there are features that require rooting to work properly. For example, this is necessary when using Mobile Spy to monitor WhatsApp. Apart from WhatsApp spying, however, rooting is not a fundamental requirement.

Here are a few examples of monitoring apps that are considered safe:

  • mSpy
  • FlexiSpy
  • Spybubble
  • Mobile Spy
  • PhoneSheriff

Review of such apps can be found on AlertDino – Parental Control and Cyber Security. The use of an app like mSpy is legally only okay if the following conditions are met: The owner of the phone must know about the access and also explicitly agree to it. It is not allowed to install the app secretly in order to spy on and locate a person.

Monitoring one’s own children is a legal gray area. After all, the offspring do not necessarily have to be informed about the app. However, it would be fairer to play with open cards.

Basically, free spy apps are not recommended. Most of them are faulty or even virus-infected apps that hardly deliver what they promise. A powerful app definitely costs money. How high the prices turn out always depends somewhat on the provider. It is usually a subscription for such spy apps that incurs monthly costs.

If you have decided to use the software for monitoring, you need to consider some points. It already starts with the price, which varies depending on the scope of services and the provider.

In addition, you should pay attention to compatibility when buying the software. There are apps that are designed only for the iPhone or also for Android smartphones. It becomes more difficult if you are looking for a spy software for Windows Phones.

A money-back guarantee is also an important criterion. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the software, you should be able to claim your money back. Not all manufacturers offer this. Another point is the scope of features, which also varies. Do you only want the basic functions or the complete package?

Always take a close look at which functions are included. Not all software offers WhatsApp spying as a basic function, for example. Furthermore, make sure you choose a reputable provider, because they are not available in abundance. Ideally, you should rely on a well-known app provider.

Do you suspect that there is a spy app on your phone? It’s basically very easy to find out. For starters, take a look at the list of installed apps. If there is a hint of a surveillance app there, it can be uninstalled with one click.

The data consumption can provide the first clues for a monitoring. Since the apps consume a large volume of data, the total consumption will increase enormously within a very short time. This should stand out in your daily usage behavior and make you skeptical.

To effectively protect yourself from spyware, you can rely on both antivirus softwares and anti-spy apps. They immediately alert you when such an app is on your phone and offer the option to delete the software directly.