Earth VPN Software Review

EarthVPN is a fairly new provider of budget VPN services. This is a reliable network that has servers in more than 30 different countries across the world. Consumers looking for more sophisticated services can purchase a variety of add on extras to this service, however it has to be noted that this will bump the price up to comparable figures charged by some of the more established providers.

The availability of offshore servers does make this a useful choice for filesharing and torrenting activities, meaning customers can be anonymous at all times. This anonymity is enhanced as EarthVPN allow customers to pay for their service using anonymous Bitcoin or giftcards, so the only requirement for anonymous customers will be a valid email address. EarthVPN do provide a 7-day money back guarantee as well, so customers who are new to VPNs can rest assured they will get their money back if they experience problems connecting to the service.

The provider operates servers all over the world, including these countries: Romania, Turkey, USA, India, Spain, Norway, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, China, France, Panama, New Zealand, Sweden, Singapore, Ukraine, Poland, UK, Russia, Australia, Bulgaria, Austria, Netherlands, South Africa, Hong Kong, Brazil, Kanada, Ireland, Japan, Estonia, Switzerland and Belgium.

EarthVPN provide VPN client software for Windows7, 8, Vista and XP, and for Mac OS X, these can be downloaded from their website. They also provide SSH/SOCKS5 Proxy tutorials and a download for LINUX will shortly be available. Setup tutorials for a variety of Internet devices are also available on their website and these can be set up using a range of protocols.

Where customers need to set up devices manually, they just need to follow the comprehensive instructions in the relevant tutorial for the selected device and protocol. The detailed setup instructions also include screenshots of devices and screens to show customers in fine detail just how to set their device up for EarthVPN. The range of Internet devices covered by tutorials on their website includes Android, iPhone and iPad, Windows, Mac OS, Linux and routers, while the available protocols for each of these devices is also indicated on the EarthVPN site. There is a comprehensive FAQs section on the website to assist any customers who are experiencing problems with setting up devices and customer support can also be accessed using an email ticketing system.

Connecting to the Windows or Mac client is an easy matter for any new customer and all that’s needed is to choose the most appropriate server, protocol and port to use and the service can be connected. It does default to TCP connection, so this needs altering when required. Once the connection is established a small icon appears in the task bar section to show that EarthVPN is active.

When it comes to connecting manually the customer needs to select the appropriate protocol for their device and follow all the details on the tutorial. The tutorials are clear and concise, with the screenshots providing great visual keys to help any customer set the device up accurately. The provider has given simple guidelines for setting up devices for the VPN and these are easy to follow, even for customers who may not be that proficient with computers or Internet devices. If problems are experienced with setting up or accessing this service the EarthVPN client area provides a detailed knowledgebase which will assist in solving minor faults or error messages.

EarthVPN also provide preconfigured routers so customers can ensure the anonymity of a total home network and a range of gaming devices or Internet TV.

It has to be said that the EarthVPN service does not provide some of the sophisticated VPN extras, such as DNS leak protection or Internet kill switch and the user information that’s provided is also fairly basic, however, it’s a great VPN for the money and worth checking out.