Exchange BTC in European countries for gambling

There is already a chance for Germans to play in a Bitcoin Casino. The choice of the Bitcoin Casino itself is essential. The best Bitcoin Casinos in Germany are Provably Fair – that means that the authenticity of the games can be proven.

For a list of all BTC casinos that provide Slot games, visit Lucky Coiner. One bonus would be whether the bitcoin online casino lets its customers play without making a deposit. If not, you should first try to play with a small amount, such as 10 euros. Of course, this amount must be changed to BTC. The good news! You can do it anywhere.

Exchange BTC in European countries


Despite the volatile political and economic situation in Russia, it is also possible to acquire Bitcoin there. LocalBitcoins are a popular option for many Russians. You can purchase the currency directly or by exchange. is a direct provider of Bitcoin. It is purchased in rubles, the local currency. This provider requires “Light KYC” – registration of customers with a phone number. If you prefer a broker, BTC-E is the main exchange to trade Bitcoin. It works with a number of payment providers to enable the deposit of funds.


Poland has three stock exchanges:, and Bitcoin is bought with zloty, the local currency, at relatively good conditions.


Surprisingly, there are many ways to buy Bitcoin in this troubled country. One option is via ATM with Bitcoin is available at ATMs nationwide. If you prefer a broker, there are that have their own exchange in hryvna, the local currency. Kuna offers direct exchange of Bitcoin. Another direct exchange is


Although most of this country is geographically located in Asia, we have listed it in Europe because the majority of Turks have closer ties with Europe. Turkey is one of the many countries where Bitcoin is not regulated, but there are still opportunities to purchase BTC to play in a Bitcoin casino there. These include direct procurement, gift cards and stock exchanges.

  • Direct: is a platform where you can buy Bitcoin and Litecoin directly with Lira, the local currency.
  • You can buy vouchers (Gift Card) redeemable for Bitcoins online at
  • You can buy and sell coins on, the Turkish Stock Exchange.