Hide.me VPN Software Review

Hide.Me is based in Malaysia and their name says it all: With this provider you can really hide your identity and become anonymous if you’re doing it right. Their Virtual Private Network has been built by a bunch of IT professionals from all over the world, with lots of experience. Some of their team members worked on security systems for governments and multinational corporations.
With Hide.Me you can not only unblock websites and video streams, even filesharing is allowed. They do not store any logfiles and users can choose between many different protocols: PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, IKEv1, IKEv2, SOCKS and OpenVPN. The best thing is, they are all encrypted up to 256-bit, which makes any online activity very secure.

If you’re unsure wether you want to become a customer or not, Hide.Me offers a free version that you can test before you pay for their service. This free version is limited to two locations and 2 GB of traffic, and it doesn’t include the OpenVPN protocol. They also offer a cheap version that is limited to 75 GB of traffic. If you want unlimited data, you should consider using their premium plan. It includes 5 simultaneous connections and access to all servers and protocols.

If you want to save money on their plans, you should chose a long term contract which can result in up to 45% discount if you pay one year in advance.
The best thing about this provider is, that you can pay with Bitcoins and really hide your identity that way. Of course they also offer “normal” payment methods aswell, such as Credit Card, PayPal, Ukash, PaySafeCard, Wire Transfer, Payment Wall and more.

Hide.Me has only a few servers in 12 different countries, which include: Canada, Germany, Iceland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Morocco, the Netherlands, Romania, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

You can use their VPN service on different devices. They offer software for PC and Mac and also for mobile devices such as iOS and Android tablets and smartphones and even routers.
They have easy to understand step-by-step instructions on their websites to help customers configure their devices correctly and get started fast.
These instructions include both possible ways: you can choose if you want to install it directly in your system, with each protocol described separately, or with their own client.

If you choose to configure a VPN directly in your operating system, you are asked to select your preferred protocol first. In the next step you will see a list of available servers for this protocol, with their location (by country and city) and the current load of each server. After selecting a desired server, a step-by-step guide with screenshots will load up to show the installation in detail. This is very helpful for non-experienced users that are trying to setup a VPN connection for the first time.

If you choose to use their VPN client, it is even easier. While downloading the client you can have a look at the great features of their software, including:

  • One-Click Connect – An option that lets you connect to your favorite server location by only one click.
  • Auto Server – If you select this, the software chooses the fastest server available for your location
  • Auto Reconnect – If the connection is lost, the software will reconnect automatically
  • Auto Connect on Startup – The client will establish a connection on system startup, to make sure you’re always protected by VPN
  • Kill Switch – The best feature in our opinion: It stops every outgoing network connection if the VPN connection is interrupted.

We can recommend their software, it works pretty good and contains the most important features. Sadly, it is only available for Windows at the moment. If you own a Mac or want to use Hide.Me on a mobile device, you can still configure it directly in your system and use their easy-to-understand tutorials:

Windows: https://hide.me/de/setup/wizard/win8/
Mac OS X: https://hide.me/en/setup/wizard/mac/
iPad: https://hide.me/de/setup/wizard/ipad/
Android: https://hide.me/de/setup/wizard/android/
Routers: https://hide.me/de/setup/wizard/router/