HidemyAss VPN Review

HideMyAss, also known as HMA Pro VPN, was founded in the UK in 2005 by a team of Internet security experts. The stated goal of HMA is to offer the best available on the market VPN services for anonymous and secure web surfing its users. We have used the services of HMA tested to find out how close this HMA own target comes. To anticipate the result: If you need to hide your digital butt, then HMA provides a good way to do this.

One of the strengths of HMA is its wide range of available gateways. With HMA you get VPN access in 50 countries with 20,000 available IP addresses. This allows you to control any website that interests you, irrespective of existing geographical restrictions (Hulu / Amazon Prime Video / BBC iPlayer / Netflix etc..) With HMA you determine your virtual location and the practical world and at any time as it you just fits.

Are you currently on a trip and still do not want to the latest U.S. TV shows miss? Connect to a U.S. gateway of HMA and Hulu already believes that you have logged just returned from a typical American town from.

List of available gateways by region and country:

North America – United States of America, Canada

Europe – United Kingdom, Netherlands, Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic,

Denmark, Germany, Greece, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine

Asia – Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan

Oceania – Australia

Central America – Panama

South America – Brazil

Africa – Egypt, Morocco

Another key advantage of these multiple access is that way you can surf at the fastest possible speed. For example, you may, if you are in France, connect via the French gateway or each further gateway around France. As a result of this freedom of choice in accessing the HMA satisfied users evaluate the speed of HMA 4 out of 5 possible points.

Digital Security

If it is important for you to protect your identity and anonymously surf the internet, then HMA is worth a closer look at each case. HMA Pro VPN changes your IP address in predefined time intervals randomly. This allows you to change for optimal online anonymity for corresponding previous settings of your digital location in 20 minute intervals across countries. Normally, such a change would temporarily your true

Betrayed IP address – but not with HMA. The site offers an added feature – a Secure IP Bind – which ensures that your IP address is permanently invisible.

With HMA you get assigned a new IP address each time the VPN connection. This is also a fundamental aspect in the overall assessment of HMA and proves how good you are lifted at HMA regarding optimal security and anonymity for your online sessions. More in this Hidemyass Pro VPN Review.

Available protocols

Hide my Ass has the following VPN protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP. This wide selection of available protocols allows you a connection from virtually any device or operating system.


HMA offers three different Packages:

  • 1 month for $ 11.52
  • 6 months for $ 50.66
  • 1 year for $ 78.66 or $ 4.99 / month for 1 year – Best possible value

However, there are frequently changing special offers where you can get the VPN of Hide my Ass much cheaper.

Each of these packages offers unlimited bandwidth and access to all HMA services.

This is still something we greatly appreciate HMA: A price gives you access to all 272 HMA servers, that is, there are no confusing scales or usage restrictions.


The software behind HMA Pro was programmed by a team of its own developers. There are versions for Windows 7, Mac OSX and Linux. The information made available by HMA, very user-friendly software allows a very simple protocol changes without modifications to the operating system. Below is an overview of the main functions of the HMA software.

User interface

The HMA interface allows automatic connection when the computer is booted or after the start of the HMA software. You can select the VPN protocol and the want and select the country from which you connect to.


The country selection feature allows you to switch from country and city gateways by clicking on the geographical map with the national table. VPN has 272 VPN servers in 50 different countries.

The classic mode is also available in the country. This function allows you to select about which protocol to use. Based on your choice of route will be filtered.

You can determine whether you want to connect randomly to a server or to the closest server to you.

Settings of the IP address used

The IP address setting allows you to manually change the IP address or the change randomly. You can even determine that your IP address changes every minute, since in this case there are no restrictions.

IP security bond (Secure IP Bind)

The unique IP Security binding function of HMA allows the operation before the user selected applications only if HMA just running and monitoring the security of the Internet connection. On interruption of the connection is also secured by HMA each application that you have submitted this security binding function immediately interrupted, and indeed until the HMA secure connection is restored.

Speed ​​signs (Speed ​​Guide)

The speed guide helps you in finding the fastest server for your Internet connection. After you select the server whose speed you want to test, you only need to ping test button click, so you listed the server with the fastest response times get (ping). More speed tests can be found at this Website.

What will be logged

HideMyAss logging in with the times and IP addresses at which you connect to the VPN service and disconnect. HMA logged in any way with the content of your respective activities during your Internet sessions.

Customer Care and Support

HMA offers both live support through chat and e-mail support. At each of our e-mails to the support team, we received a response within one hour. For the implementation of live support our question was answered within 10 minutes.


Hide My Ass VPN offers many benefits and will be ideally suited for 99.9% of Internet users who want to bypass website blocking and want to keep their Internet connection anonymous and protected.

We recommend strongly HMA. Thanks HMA can clear conscience anonymously surf safely and at high speed in the network. When using HMA any application on your PC that uses the Internet connection are provided at the touch of a magic hat. In the VPN world HMA is hard to beat.