IPVanish VPN Service Provider

The company IPVanish is known for fast speeds and reliable connections. For over 10 years the VPN provider showed a very customer-friendly appearance. Currently about 60 servers are offered that are in more than 20 countries. IP Vanish mostly ranges under the best 5 VPN Providers of the Year on many VPN Comparison sites. Characterized the high bandwidth for the customer will be saved.

One may also assume that the VP provider wants to open more locations for the access servers. There are already known servers in countries like USA, Canada, Russia, Germany and the UK. IPVanish customers currently have the ability to access over 3000 worldwide IP addresses.

Who needs help for IPVanish is available around the clock and help with technical problems. Furthermore, there is a software program that is tailored to the customer’s computer and allows a secure connection to the VPN server.

IPVanish offers various deals which generally differ only in their term.