Privateinternetaccess VPN Review


Private Internet Access was presented to the public on 10 August 2010 and comes from the same developer blacksmiths who have already decided to use the Mt Gox Live Bitcoinanwendungen and Mt Gox Mobile. The impetus for the development of private Internet access was the sincere desire for privacy and anonymity and the quest to bring forth a truly anonymous VPN service, it had not even exist at that time to the end of a private Internet access.

The company has its headquarters in the U.S., as the U.S. has no legal obligation on data retention, which means that the United States one of the few countries where VPN services do not need to data records outside the territory of the United States. The extent to which private Internet Access contrives to protect the privacy of its customers is definitely impressive and differs Private Internet Access VPN apart from its competitors.

With this VPN service, it is easy to get around geographic restrictions on admission of websites, safe surfing on public Wi-Fi connections and to conceal its current site and the IP address. The stated goal of the company is to “maintain the highest possible standards regarding privacy and at the same time entertain the conceivable reliable and fastest VPN network”. If you want to compare more VPN Services – here is a comparison with vpn reviews.


Private Internet Access offers a paid VPN service with servers with 13 locations in six different countries. The company has an impressive number of servers in the United States. The software is easy to install, for example, using OpenVPN GUI. The establishment of PPTP via a control panel. The service runs under most major operating systems such as Mac and Windows. Although the British London Media Trust, Inc. owns and operates the major decisions in Private Internet Access be taken but across the pond in the USA.

The service makes use of so-called shared IP addresses and not dynamic or static IPs. This makes it difficult for any outsider to assign a user of any kind of external IP. When using the service you can simultaneously build two compounds. If you are using Open VPN, you can connect multiple hopping for maximum anonymity.

The company respects the privacy of its customers, which expresses the fact that there mitloggt no traffic or server requests. Since the company is led by the U.S., it is subject to U.S. law. The service is affordable and has no download or speed limits. P2P and torrent downloads are also allowed if you use a private Internet access.

Available protocols

Private Internet Access provides access via PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN. It is highly recommended to use the OpenVPN protocol, which provides the most optimal connection and can handle of course best IP blocks, as it provides access via changing connection methods in addition to the existing methods. PPTP and L2TP/IPSec are available to ensure maximum compatibility with devices from the iOS, Android and Boxeewelt.


The service is compatible with most popular operating systems such as Windows 7, Vista, XP, NT/2k, Mac and Linux. The establishment of service under these operating systems is relatively simple. On the company website you will find the user step by step to explain the establishment, should occur in the event that any problems also many helpful instructions. The service supported browser, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera. The service can also be used easily with mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, iTouch or Android device.

Description of the network

The ultra-modern network of Private Internet Access has more than 24000 mbps of available bandwidth and the possibility of almost limitless increase (over 100,000 Gbps). Private Internet Access uses shared IPs for maximum anonymity and optimum privacy of its users, as dynamic / static IPs can be used to identify users. Shared IPs, however, can not be used to identify users.

Private Internet Access Server Locations

The servers of private Internet Acess available in the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Romania. The gateways are at key locations around the waiting time for the user to keep as short as possible. Within the U.S. Private Internet Access has 6 gateway dial points. These are located in New York City, Arizona, Ohio and Texas. There are also two servers in Canada, two in the UK and one each in Switzerland, the Netherlands and China. One point that we really liked in this service, was the large number of servers located in the United States. This means namely that it is always possible to connect with a U.S. network and to be assigned a U.S. IP address.

On the other hand, and now we are at a minus point, we were a little disappointed by the fact that the company currently only server in half a dozen countries, maintains, while the server networks of many other VPN providers over several dozen countries across the entire globe are distributed.

But it does make sense that the service as a U.S. based company is in the focus of his network of servers in the United States. This will at least cause that Private Internet Access trustworthy than firm based in the United States comes as some of the shady VPN services with headquarters in any off-shore locations at the other end of the world.


Safety is the key word for most users who log in to a VPN service and Private Internet Access offers, such as the company name suggests, many good security features. These are IP cloaking, encryption, firewalls, identity protection and uncensored access.

The IP cloaking feature obscures your actual IP address assigned to you by one of the anonymous IP addresses of the company. This effectively prevents websites or Internet services can trace your surfing habits or even your other activities. IP cloaking allows you and your Internet searches to keep secret and prevents another person can identify your current geographical location.


Private Internet Access offers three to offer packages, as there would be an offer for $ 9.95 / month, one for $ 39.95 / year and one for $ 35.95 / 6 months. These Packages are actually a discount for longer durations. All accounts have unlimited bandwidth, unlimited access, and access to any available gateway, all for a low price.

The P2P Torrent policies of private Internet Access

The policies of private Internet access allow any kind of legal P2P and Torrent application on their network. The company constantly enlarged its network capacity to ensure that the service will never exceed 50% of its capacity during peak usage times. PIA also promotes BitTorrent downloads as completely anonymous. We are not sure if this is true or not. Educate yourself to your own opinion. A definite advantage for users is to want more certainty when they torrent using the fact that Private Internet Access Bitcoins accepted as payment. If you are not familiar with: Bitcoins are a digital currency that the P2P technology uses to send payments without a central Autoriät involved.

Speed ​​test

Private Internet Access offers a “speed test page” to help its customers to find the best gateway for them. PIA is considered the best service of its kind in the available speeds.

Private Internet Access Software

Private Internet Access offers a simple application that allows a simple change of the gateway, as well as advanced port information, changing configuration methods and Auto-Start/Verbindungsoptionen.

Guidelines for Peer to Peer

Private Internet Access offers unlimited peer-to-peer use (P2P) and all its users port forwarding options. There are absolutely no restrictions here.

Guidelines for records

Private Internet Access login with no data traffic or usage times to be his goal of privacy and anonymity needs.

Private Internet Access Support

Private Internet Access offers support around the clock and is regarded within the industry as a leader in customer support issues. The Company provides a highly professional customer service team, and requests that we have asked for test purposes at PIA, were answered promptly and qualified. They also have a good website with a fairly understandable customer service page, which already holds the answers to many questions and problems that customers might have. If you are what you are looking for, can not be found on the company website, you will find a simple web form, in which you can enter your problem or question. Private Internet Access handles refunds within 7 days from date of purchase.

Regular Updates

Private Internet Access performs regularly updates its services. In March this year the service upgraded its computers to the latest server CPUs with 16-32 GB of RAM. During this update, the service expanded its gateway sites to the Netherlands and Canada. The Canadian and Dutch gateways are distinguished by particular P2P suitability. This makes these gateways for each user to dial-ideal points for legal file sharing activities such as BitTorrent and similar protocols. The dial-points of the company in the Netherlands, Canada and Switzerland allow any kind of legal file-sharing activity.

With these upgrades, the user satisfaction has improved dramatically with Private Internet Access. One must also take credit for that, even though they improved steadily, stop the service, the prices are relatively under PIA and also currently does not intend to increase their prices the firm.

For details on prices

A big plus in PIA are certainly the most affordable prices. Down Projected on the month you get when signing a Einjahresabos to $ 39.95 on a price of $ 3.33 (USD). For a monthly subscription of $ 6.95 PIA is still cheaper than many other VPN provider.

Available payment service

Private Internet Access ™ accepts payments from most major online platforms, including:

  • Paypal
  • VISA / MasterCard / AMEX / Discover,
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Bitcoin
  • CashU
  • Liberty Reserve

Private Internet Access was the first VPN service which accepts Bitcoins as payment.

Terms of Use

The VPNReviewer does not recommend to use a VPN to illegal activities of any kind. According to its Terms of the Private Internet Access looks the same. There it says: “ followed a ZERO TOLERANCE policy, with regard activities that violate our Terms of Use. In addition will cooperate fully with all government agencies, the search after those who violate foregoing terms and conditions. ”

It should be mentioned that the terms of the company indicate that it reserves the right, schadenersatzlos to cut the use of the account for users who use the service “in excess” to interrupt or end also. This legalese is very common in Internet contracts and you can not predict when and if at all they would thus get serious. But you would probably already use in really exceptional scale bandwidth to provoke such an expulsion.

Private Internet Access Test Result

The test of Private Internet Access has been very pleasant. The setup procedure was easy and the pre-configured dialer for PPTP connections facilitated the connection establishment. If you are looking for a good, cheap, high quality VPN service which takes anonymity and security seriously, Private Internet Access is really a worthwhile option. After matching the opinion of privacy is in good hands with Private Internet Access. If you want the best possible rate and the best possible support, select Private Internet Access ™ as your VPN service provider. The fact that the company has its headquarters in the U.S. and so many different server operates will undoubtedly attract a large clientele.

On the other hand, you are, if you are looking for a VPN service with a variety of POPs around the globe, not quite satisfied with PIA, compared for example with Hide My Ass that offers server networks that go further and in a variety of countries are more widely distributed.