PrivateInternetAccess VPN Software Review

Privateinternetaccess is a good value VPN provider, that’s based in the United States. Users will also have the ability to use free SOCKS5 Proxy with this service, if required. Discounted price plans are available over six months or one year, cutting costs down to the bone while providing users with guaranteed anonymity online. The only drawback with this provider is that it does not provide a free trial or offer guarantees on refunds if users have problems with the service.

With around 2,000 servers in 11 different countries across the world most users will find unlocking geo-restricted sites is a breeze with Privateinternetaccess. These countries are: UK, Hong Kong, France, Canada, USA, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Romania.
Customers will find the livechat and email ticketing system provides all necessary help when problems do occur with this service and there’s a wide range of information on the website to answer most common queries as well. The company don’t keep user activity logs, so users can be sure their activity online is not recorded in any way.

Setting up an account with this provider is simple and consumers who wish to remain totally anonymous on the Internet have the ability to do so, as it’s possible to make payment for the service using gift cards or Bitcoin, alongside a wide range of more common payment methods.

Privateinternetaccess has a variety of downloads available on their website, so installation is quite simple and customers will also find useful setup guides on the site giving information on setup. Customers with Windows XP or later versions, and users with OS X 10.6 or later versions will find dedicated client downloads available on the Privateinternetaccess website, alongside a variety of setup guides enabling quick and easy installation from a range of devices, including Android, iOS, Ubuntu Linux and different devices. Other devices with setup guides provided are Tomato, PF Sense, DD-WRT and Boxee Box. Privateinternetaccess do also provide preconfigured routers if required.

Customers can download the service using their preferred protocol, such as PPTP or OpenVPN. It is possible to enable port forwarding with this software, although Privateinternetaccess do advise that it reduces the privacy of the service somewhat. The service also features an Internet kill switch, meaning that if the VPN disconnects while a customer is using the Internet, the Internet access stops working until the service is deactivated or applications exited. DNS leak protection is also available to route DNS requests via the VPN, this can be disabled within Windows however it is the default within the Mac OS X application.

Once customers sign up with this service an activation email will be sent with full details on setting up the service. With Windows and OS X it’s merely a case of downloading the service and following the clear instructions on the Settings page. Once the service is in place, it’s possible to choose the required server or allow the interface to automatically allocate the best server to customer needs.

Setting up the service manually is just a matter of generating a username and password and following all the instructions provided on the website to set up a connection and network. It’s then just a case of connecting to the service each time the VPN is required to be active and selecting the required server.

Privateinternetaccess is a reputable VPN provider, giving easy access for signing up to the service and fast speeds. When compared to some VPN providers, it could be said to provide a fairly basic service but for all that it’s one of the best VPNs currently on the market, despite the lack of free trial or money back guarantees.