The best Bitcoin stock exchanges

Bitcoin stock exchanges are now like sand on the sea. However, trading can be based on very different principles. We have compared marketplaces, exchanges with order books, crypto brokers and CFD brokers. This article explains how exchanges, marketplaces and brokers differ and how you can find the best Bitcoin exchange for your situation.

There are now hundreds of ways to trade crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum online. We’ll show you which are the best crypto exchanges and which you should sign up for to be best equipped as a trader and benefit from the best prices. We have compared the different offers and can tell you briefly and precisely which advantages and disadvantages the individual exchanges really offer.

What are Bitcoin exchanges and what are brokers?

Anyone who deals with the topic of trading with crypto currencies for the first time can easily end up in confusion. Basically, a distinction is made between two types of providers for trading: Exchanges for crypto trading and Bitcoin brokers.

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A Bitcoin marketplace, also known as an exchange, brings buyers and sellers directly together. Examples are and Kraken. On these platforms, a price is quoted for each crypto currency offered, based on current supply and demand. So you can see immediately at which price you can buy which amount of Bitcoins in this second. The offers there are exclusively staggered by members of the Bitcoin exchange. In case of a successful purchase, the corresponding number of coins is immediately transferred to the respective wallet. From there you can transfer Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Co. directly into your own wallet. For trading at Binance, and the other crypto exchanges, fees are due which are normally included in the purchase price. Please note, however, that there may be transaction fees for the transfer of coins. At crypto exchanges, direct payments can be made in the crypto currencies offered, but in some cases also in euros.

With a crypto broker, on the other hand, you do not buy directly. In contrast, they only bet money on rising or falling rates. This variant is also known as CFD trading and has been used for years in the area of trading other assets. On we often refer to eToro or Plus500. Both providers do not allow concrete trading with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto currencies, but offer so-called CFDs, i.e. Contracts for Difference. This means that you only invest in prices and speculate on price fluctuations, but do not buy the actual product.

The advantage: by special levers it is possible to increase the own investment in a crypto currency clearly and to profit thereby also disproportionately from price fluctuations in the forecast direction. Leverages of up to 500 are offered in some cases. With a position size of 100 € you can move 500,000 € and profit from a price increase with a call option of 1,000 €. These opportunities are hardly offered by any other financial products and can be taken advantage of via the Internet within a few seconds.

Bitcoin stock exchanges and crypto comparison: you should know this

In addition to CFD providers, larger Bitcoin exchanges are mainly used to trade crypto currencies. The number of crypto exchanges increases significantly each month as the number of crypto currencies increases and more opportunities are created to trade even cryptos with low turnover.

  • For beginners, the crypto exchanges from our comparison are particularly recommended, as they have a large portfolio, many deposit options, a high degree of reliability and other additional offers.
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    Overview of the best Bitcoin exchanges and marketplaces
  • Standard for many medium and long-term investors in crypto currencies is the use of the best crypto exchanges.
  • Our experts have therefore compiled a list of the most exciting and lucrative Bitcoin brokers that you can use to find the right provider for you.

In order to compare the best Bitcoin marketplaces, we have summarized some advantages and disadvantages as well as the criteria of the size (with the number of crypto currencies) and the deposit with Euro. Please note, however, that there are other relevant factors. These include, among other things, the deposit variants, availability in German, support and individual criteria that you should consider. Before you register, think about what you want to focus on at Krypto.