The Best Way To View Veoh Outside The US

So a few years ago – in 2008 to be precise Veoh confined access to their own site to the US only. This intended that many of us of us who found ourselves outside of the USA and adored the content were omitted in the cold. Unless you knew about that strategy I’m going to inform you of program.

See parallels Veoh, like most other websites, will use a technique that is very simple to determine if you should be in Europe or in the USA or elsewhere outside the US borders. The things they do is study your Internet Protocol address. In case you do not understand what which is do not worry – basically it is a unique number that your pc needs to communicate online. Even better is the fact that we could do a small trick to acquire an ip-address located in america.

The Best Way to Fool Veoh Into Thinking Your Are in The US

Therefore to be able to get a US ip for us citizens abroad we have to do a little trick that involves VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network. It seems very technical but do not bother about that – it’s actually a really simple thing to use. A VPN link will join you to a host found in the US and this host may in turn act as a middleman between you and Veoh. Since Veoh wont “see” something else compared to the middle man you can now supply a way like crazy.

The best way to get a connection
You have to get an account with a VPN provider, before you are able to get began streaming the tons of videos on Veoh. Having analyzed most of what’s on the market I could let you know the only real alternative that is viable is Hide My Ass. Their hosts are super fast and also the cost is very low. You must get the 6 or 12 months bundle, as they will have the very best reductions. Hide My Ass has become the market leader of VPN so I do believe it’s fair to say they know what they are doing. Read more.

Setting the connection up is simple. When you have ordered your link you’ll get an email including all the setup instructions. Best of all-they have 24/7 live-chat support if you want some assist – even though I question you’ll want it.

For unblocking other sites like, Hulu, Pandora, Netflix , Amazon Instant Video and so forth, as a-side note this procedure functions. Therefore it is money very well spend.