The Use Of Smart DNS Services

The use of services like Unlocator or StrongVPN is allowed all over Europe, but there are bans in other countries like Russia, China or Saudi Arabia. So check back before your overseas vacation to avoid any nasty surprises. Both have a 5-day money back guarantee – so try it out for free!

SmartDNS Proxy & Unlocator For Amazon?

For users who like to look over Smart-TV´s and for whom a VPN service is too complicated, but still want to protect their data during streaming, Unlocator makes it easy to watch Amazon Prime Video in German.

This Netflix alternative is getting stronger and stronger and has some great series on offer. Unlocator is not the only service, there is also SmartDNS Proxy for example. This detailed test report is a very good source about SmartDNS Proxy! To compare more provider visit

It works as follows:

  • Apply for a free Amazon-Prime trial membership (Attention: register an Amazon account on
  • Set up Unlocator – exactly the same as with Netflix (as described in the second part of this article).
  • Enjoy Amazon Prime Video! – To switch from test membership to paid membership, it is necessary to top up your
  • Amazon account with money. If you don’t have a German credit card, it’s best to buy a German gift card at and use it to top up your German Amazon account.

New method for Netflix with StrongVPN

I have again intensively dealt with the topic German-speaking Netflix in South Tyrol with protected privacy and found a new way to look at Netflix safely in German in South Tyrol. For some of you – like me – Unlocator unfortunately doesn’t work anymore. Many readers of my blog have already successfully tested this new possibility. But I also recommend you to try the possibility with Unlocator – which is also introduced here in this article – because it works even easier and runs with some without problems.

What is the difference between a DNS service like Unlocator and a VPN service like StrongVPN?

The DNS service plays on the visited website that the user comes from another country. This removes geo-blocking and protects privacy and personal data on the Internet. The contents are then displayed in German. With media libraries of German and Austrian TV stations, SmartTV, Amazon Prime etc. this works perfectly with Unlocator.

VPN services, on the other hand, really give you a new IP address and the Internet traffic is forwarded via this service via a German server. Your identity is thus completely obscured. So you are anonymously on the Internet – please don’t abuse it, because illegal activities like hacker attacks. Insults etc. remain punishable! The disadvantage: by the redirection of the Internet traffic you lose speed, therefore before larger downloads etc. simply switch off the VPN.

Old method with Unlocator

Meanwhile we watch all new series and many movies at home for only 7,99$ per month (+ 4,99$ for Unlocator) for free and comfortably On Demand. The great thing about it is that you don’t have to use illegal sites, but can access the content via an official and legal Netflix subscription.

You can even test all this for one week for free and then decide whether you want to pay for it.

My TV is really a great device. The Sony Bravia W805b offers everything the technical heart desires. Unfortunately, a large part of the smart content is only available in Italian.

With Unlocator and my Netflix account this has now changed, I watch HBBTV, media libraries as well as Netflix movies in German or English.

What do you need for German Netflix in South Tyrol?

At least one Netflix compatible device such as:

  • Smart TV
  • Apple TV
  • iPad, iPhone
  • Android Tablet or Smartphone
  • Google Chromecast

A Dynamic DNS provider:

I use Unlocator for this. With this service it is possible to permanently set your own DNS settings so that you can pretend any location (USA, Germany etc.).

  • Test Unlocator-Account for free
  • A credit card or prepaid card
  • If you meet these requirements, nothing will stand in the way of your German Netflix account in South Tyrol.

It’s that easy:

1) Activate the free trial version of Unlocator.

2) Follow the explanations on the Unlocator page and configure the DNS server. For each device a separate explanation with screenshots is available. Even for laymen it takes about 5 minutes. First select the USA as the “location”, because then the billing is in dollars, which saves money.

3) Create a free trial account at (30 days)

4) Open on your TV (Smart TV), Tablet, Smartphone, Playstation, Apple TV or whatever device you own the Netflix app.

5) Enter your Netflix account data and Voilà! Language can now be changed to German and you can see almost al