VPN provider of your choice

We will soon expand our VPN provider list and take special VPN providers in the VPN compared to that expressly create any log files – and so even if government authorities demand that the data, no data can give out, because they were never saved. In addition, you should, if you put on anonymity value, do not pay the invoice by the VPN provider of your choice via Paypal or bank transfer – but with an anonymous means of payment such as a Paysafe Card. After all, can not store data about you to the VPN provider if he does not know 🙂 Which VPN provider is the cheapest? That depends on the contract term, you selecting. One month is of course more expensive than if you pay a year in advance. The best You’re looking just in our VPN comparison above, the rates for monthly and yearly payment are given for each VPN provider. Since most VPN providers are paid in U.S. dollars, of course, the current exchange rate also plays a role always. There is just before holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Co always special promotions in which you can save even more. We list the discounts at this website soon as we inform the VPN provider about it. Where can I find a free VPN provider? VPN providers that offer their services free of charge, there are not many – but at least they exist! However, one must be careful with free VPN services: For example, the service “Your Free Proxy” pushed the users under a Bitcoin Trojan that abused to the computer of the user to mine Bitcoins for the operator of the VPN service for free. Even otherwise, you can assume that the VPNDienst somehow have to earn money for the server infrastructure. They either a dazzle advertising, or replace ads on websites with their own advertising. Blackhat services try as be tapped on Cookiedropping affiliate commissions, more vicious attack to Trojans. Since Snowden is dazugesellt the question, whether behind a free VPN provider is not behind it as secret NSA, CIA, GCHQ, the Federal Intelligence Service, or whatever they’re called.