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1. No logs are stored by us, it is not possible to monitor users’ task.

2. Our business is founded on Seychelles. No information is disclosed by us to 3rd events which is carried out just in the event of a specific litigation filed against our business.

3. If we all obtain a notice about violation, it is solved by our crew of attorneys instantly with no blocking of practices or hosts. Therefore, you will find no issues with it, no content is stored by us on our hosts, customers are anonymous See more on Best Bitcoin Casino Reviews. We assure our clients that they are going to not have issues together with the DMCA. But check your browser .

4. Paypal.com.

Web site that is TorrentPrivacy

1. IPVanish has a – plan. We maintain no visitors logs.

2. IPVanish is based in america and so runs under US legislation.

3. We don’t have anything to defeat or eliminate and don’t host content of all kinds.

4. We now accept all major credit cards, PayPal and UltimatePay (including 85 distinct repayment systems from 190 nations). UltimatePay additionally supplies several anonymous money payment alternatives like Skrill, Alipay, Western Union and PaySafeCard.


1) We don’t maintain any logs on our hosts. Neither us or 3 parties are not unable to fit IPs to your user name.

2) Seclusion IO is an Australian Documented company. Under no conditions will any 3rd party info is provided by us about our customers. We’re not able to adhere to same or DMCA as we have energy or no access to do something. As we maintain no logs we cannot link a person to use and it mentioned petition. In the event the legislation tries to create us do things that are such, we are going to transfer our company into a place where that cannot happen, and if this fails we may close-up shop before we supply any advice.

3) See response to issue 2

4) at the moment we only take PayPal and CC (prepared by paypal.com), but we have been considering alternate forms of obligations. We go out of our strategy to ensure that pay pal trades aren’t associated with the users, we create a a unique key per-transaction nuke that special important, then to confirm payment for the accounts is created.