VPNSecure.me Software Review

VpnSecure.me (VPN.S) provides a high quality virtual private networking (VPN) service which has a variety of different payment plans, including a limited free service. The only drawback for fileshare consumers is that this provider does operate a strict prohibition against copyright infringements.

The free service is limited to one server based in the United States only and is quite slow, also there is a data limit of 600MB monthly, however anybody looking for a basic and free VPN is advised to check out this service. Other available plans include the popular OpenVPN service, PPTP only, Proxy only and Smart DNS. The Proxy service and Smart DNS are included in the OpenVPN plan which provides servers in 41 different country locations. Customers can access the VPN.S support services via live chat or through an email ticketing system, though there is also an extensive knowledgebase on the company website which provides useful information when problems are experienced. Although the company does state that it does not keep user activity logs, independent reviews do feel this may not be the case and, certainly, this provider does actively block access to certain sites such as The Pirate Bay from all its server locations.

VPNSecure.me has servers in Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Panama, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, Ukraine and the USA.

VPN.S provides downloads on its website for Windows, Apple Mac, Android/iOS and Linux and customers will find the VPN interface is simple, clean and easy to use. OpenVPN is the recommended protocol to use with this service but alternatives are available, if required. Users can operate their VPN on multiple computers, although the company does not allow multiple users to connect from one account at this time.

While this provider does not give services for such a huge number of devices as some VPN providers, the software download page on their website makes downloading the software a piece of cake. Customers simply need to select the type of device they wish to download the service to and then have a choice of downloading the OpenVPN client, Smart DNS, SSH Socks or Chrome HTTT Proxy. Clicking on the appropriate icon, enables the download to commence to selected devices immediately.

The free VPN service is available to download to all the indicated devices including Android/iOS. Video tutorials ensure that the most computer illiterate users can download the service successfully and also give indications on how to set up and use the VPN when it is active. Customers have the choice of activating the free service from the Buy Now menu or choosing from the other available plans. It is possible to customize the OpenVPN settings to best meet requirements and customers will find UDP and TCP 443 servers are available, if required. This service does provide dedicated and fixed IP addresses, when necessary. Customers wishing to use this service on Android need to have version 4 or above.

Although VPN.S do state that their free service will be supported via advertising, this is not always the case and many users will be pleased to note that adverts are not always present on the service. This company also provides a two day trial for $2 to customers who want to check out the full OpenVPN plan prior to signing up for a longer term of price plan. All in all VPN.S provides a reliable service via software they write themselves and hardware that is their own, in this respect the service can be seen to be quicker than some others on the market. The wide choice of servers and country locations means customers can unblock websites and services in a variety of different worldwide locations, while remaining anonymous at all times.