VyprVPN Review

The VPN service vyprVPN was developed by Golden Frog and distributed in cooperation with the telecommunications company and provider Giganews Usenet since 2010. Today, customers use more than 215 countries, the comprehensive VPN services company Golden Frog, which has locations in the United States, Europe and Asia. The offer includes both VPN service for private clients as well as for business and corporate customers. In addition to the VPN service vyprVPN Golden Frog also offers secure, encrypted cloud service called Dump Truck. Each vyprVPN customer will always get Dump Truck online storage space, depending on vyprVPN at different heights: 10 GB while offering VyprVPN Basic, 25 GB with VyprVPN Pro and a whopping 50 GB with VyprVPN Premier. Due to the partnership with Golden Frog Giganews Giganews customers to use (especially Usenet) since 2010 its the same account for vyprVPN- and dump truck services. More on www.ukvpn.org For business customers with special needs offers Vypr VPN special business VPN solutions. More at www.businessvpn.org. The software of VyprVPN: The VPN client from VyprVPN is very simple and clear. Besides the big button at the top of the user interface you can select the country from which you need an IP address to see example video streaming. Below illustrates a small graph, how fast is the connection at the moment and how much data is transferred. The data transfer rate is specified in bytes per second. Under the graph indicates the VyprVPN program, whether you are connected to the network or not, what IP address was assigned to and just how long the connection already exists. Also, the protocol used is displayed on the screen, as well as the encryption method, and whether the NAT firewall is enabled. Compared to other VPN providers VyprVPN has an easy to understand, uncluttered and professional VPN client that offers everything you need in most cases. Features as the regular alternation of IP address offers VyprVPN not yet.