Why do we need a VPN?

Who travels a lot on the internet, for example, goes shopping or makes transfers via online banking, runs the risk that the website operator to record the surfing activities and thus understand the surfing behavior. Many operators of online portals even create complete personality profiles based on the data, the thoughtless typing a user in forms.

Such profiles will receive in addition to the IP address and the e-mail address, name, date of birth, and many other sensitive information. In this way an Internet user becomes the consumer glass, because website owners have the opportunity to bring all the information with each other and store them for any length of time.

A VPN protects your privacy:

By using VPN, the privacy of a user in the network is protected precisely from these practices of website operators. VPN users benefit from having their own IP address is replaced by an anonymous and same chzeitig all traffic is encrypted. Thus, a higher level of security against all types of data espionage can be achieved. More here  http://vyprvpn.vpndienste.net/

When using VPN services, a user selects a only a specific software to the Internet. This software is provided by the various VPN providers. In the user interface, a user between different protocols and encryption methods to choose, which are offered by the provider.

Virtual World Tour – IP addresses from each country that you need just:

There is also the option to select a server by its location even with most service providers. The choice of the server depends on what the user intends to the VPN. If the goal is just to be anonymous on the net on the go, then the choice of server location is not so important. But if you want, for example, American streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu will be unlocked, then a server should be selected with the location within the United States.

After all settings have been made, the user with a new IP address is assigned and he can start normal surfing. Whether China, Russia, Thailand, USA, UK, Canada, South America and our neighboring countries Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Austria or Switzerland – with the right VPN provider you get in a jiffy the correct IP address and will thus become a virtual citizens of the country.

The only difference from your normal internet connection is that the complete data traffic will be diverted through an encrypted VPN tunnel through the VPN server so that nobody can read the transmitted data. The risk of data theft is significantly reduced.

A VPN protects against criminals, warnings and data retention:

A VPN service protects Internet users also against data retention. For users that visit a site with a foreign IP address, benefit, can that operators of Internet services then see and store only this IP address.

Thus, it is no longer possible to assign the internet activities a specific user. Therefore, the website owner can not collect sensitive information to the federal government. The risk for warnings is so attenuated as a Understand the real IP address means a lot of effort, the will take you for a small unintentional copyright infringement nobody up.

Youtube lock handle a VPN:

VPN services are very well suited to repeal the YouTube ban. Due to disagreements between GEMA and YouTube in particular many music videos on YouTube are blocked in Germany. VPN users will benefit from the fact that they can watch almost all of the blocked videos because they have the IP address of another country by VPN. Since the videos are blocked only for German IP addresses, they are released automatically when, for example, accessed with an American IP address on YouTube.

A VPN protects you in foreign WLans and public hotspots:

The use of VPN protects the privacy of users is particularly effective in public hotspots. Especially in Internet cafes or libraries, it is easy to spy on as account information to personal e-mail traffic or sensitive information to attackers. All data as the information entered in forms are often transmitted unencrypted.

Thus, hackers who are in the same hotspot, it is especially easy to tap the data and spy on sensitive information like bank and credit card information. VPN offers here much more security for Internet users. Through an extensive encryption of all traffic that is transmitted in principle as through a tunnel, all transmitted information are secure against data thieves.

Geoblocking deal and watch German television abroad:

Anyone who has used one of the online offer of media libraries from German TV, do not want to miss it even on vacation. Still, that is inhibited by the German TV stations. The reason for this lies in copyright: Television stations have acquired the rights for Germany and therefore need to stop the broadcasting of programs in other countries using the Geo-blockings.

By geo-blocking all foreign IP addresses are automatically blocked. However, the use of VPN can easily solve the problem. When traveling abroad, a user simply selects a German VPN server into the Internet and comes as well as abroad to enjoy the online media libraries and has even not give up your favorite TV show while on vacation. Also, access to Sky Go is possible using VPN abroad.

Blocked streaming TV from abroad view:

Normally the live streams of other countries such as Hulu, Netflix, HBO and BBC are not available in Germany because by geo-blocking German IP addresses are blocked for streaming. The reason is that the senders have just bought the rights to their own land. To get a license problems, the offer must therefore be limited to this country, so that German users can not access it.

However, by the use of VPN, the problem can be circumvented: Depending on which country comes the desired streaming offering, the dial-in process, a server is selected within this country. So that the user obtains an IP address in this country and so can pick the geo-blocking, and take at will the foreign streaming services.

Also for blocked services and websites like Facebook, Google Apps, or telephone calls via Voice over IP, which are frequently locked by mobile operators around the world, a VPN connection is ideal to “tunnel” the data through the blockade. VoIP is often blocked because the phone calls are much cheaper than the rates offered by the mobile operator. A comparison of current VoIP rates you can find on this website.

A VPN protects you if the government does not want you protect:

The Internet is at the present time a selbstverständlichkeit.Neben the important benefits that exist on the World Wide Web but also several drawbacks. It is known that leaves every internet surfer digital fingerprints everywhere on the web that are eagerly collected by government, the consumer industry and hackers, and, if necessary, can also be sold.

Many IT experts see security and counter-terrorism only as a cover so that the private sphere of citizens are part of the state further restricted kann.Welche dimensions of the real surveillance of citizens takes here is for the individual to recognize hardly.

Facebook, Twitter, etc. are virtually of course given monitoring tools that are used in accordance with the state and the authorities. And what a terrorist is to plan and announce his attack plans on Facebook and Twitter? The simple as a lame excuse.

The non-critical ratio of many citizens to the World Wide Web – primarily with the social networks – it facilitates the appropriate places enormously to obtain data on the individuals. The policy has clearly demonstrated that they do not feel responsible to protect the citizen in front. The excuse the Internet would be “uncharted territory” is ridiculous, really you should be ashamed of themselves for such a statement into the ground. So it is every citizen would have responsibility to protect his privacy on the WWW.

VPN provider and proxy services are just the first step!

Important for anonymity and security on the WWW would be, for example, the use of a VPN or proxy server service. In this way, the IP address is replaced by another, thus making the true origin unrecognizable.

Because the IP address is not verifiable so for others, the user of a proxy server or VPN service are thus not clearly situate. Most VPN services are to be had for small money, some in our list are not entirely free. However, to finance some of the free VPN provider about advertising.

Abegesehen of anonymity can access via a VPN connection to blocked content such as blocked by GEMA Youtube video or movie sites like Netflix, Hulu, HBO or NetMovies from abroad. In Germany, many a VPN service can also use it to protect yourself from expensive because of filesharing warnings. A second alternative to be immune to warnings, it is a good Usenet provider to use for downloading files and movies.

While most VPN services are not 100% anonymous, ie, they would reveal the NSA and other intelligence agencies, the data of users who surf via their VPN connection. But for German Lawyers who are traveling on behalf of the “content mafia” and admonish file sharers because of porn, MP3 files or movies, there is no VPN service provider’s log files award.

Who wants to surf really anonymous, must protect itself better.

Who is his anonymity something, should also deal with the security of the web browser and the e-mails. Even now there are some options for this, such as the Browser Bundle Tor . Although always a bit time must be invested, but this much should you value your privacy. Keywords according to which one should google times are eg “browser fingerprinting” or “STS – Strict Transport Security”.